About KidZania Bangkok

Kidzania Bangkok is the world’s number one edutainment brand, and in essence, is a world dedicated to children. With this lifelike, kid-sized city, children ages 4 to 14 can enjoy an innovative role-playing experience that enhances important life skills, including independent decision making, money management, and teamwork. Kids can choose from more than 80 different professions in KidZania city, giving them the freedom to pursue their own interests and enjoying the independence of living on their own.

The different professions and activities kids participate in help them learn essential life skills such as independence, budgeting, respect, creativity, teamwork, social integration, and valuing money. These activities also help kids develop self-confidence and confidence in their abilities.

Playing the role of a character is a universal means of learning enjoyed by children throughout the world. This involves fun, education, psychological benefits, and motivational value. Through combining entertainment with reality, KidZania offers real-world experiences that prepare children for life in the real world. Children will acquire valuable skills from these experiences that they will use in the future.

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Why To Book KidZania Bangkok Tickets?

KidZania Highlights
  • Have limitless fun at Kidzania Bangkok, a miniature city where kids can participate in role-playing activities.
  • Upon entering the building, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a lobby that resembles a fancy airport. After stepping outside the departure terminal, they get transported to a children-run miniature town.
  • Children get to take the opportunity of whoever they want to be by trying from over 80 mini jobs- right from being a dentist to being a firefighter, pilot, model, and several others.
  • Children participating here in mock medical emergencies or rescue operations develop awareness, become responsible and hone their problem-solving skills.
  • Kids also get to earn their “Kidzos” money in return for accomplishing the mini tasks which can be further used to open a bank account at a small-scale bank or simply to buy gifts from a souvenir shop.

Activities To Do in KidZania Bangkok

Auto Repair at KidZania
Activities for Kids
  • Auto repair: In the auto repair shop, the kids can fix cars, bikes, and other vehicles that don't work properly. In addition to replacing damaged parts, they can paint, clean and wash a vehicle.
  • Salesperson: As a salesperson, kids can sell products to customers in a grocery store. Furthermore, they can assist the customer in finding the appropriate products based on their specific requirements and preferences.
  • Chef: The children can become Michelin star chefs in restaurants or prepare shakes or desserts at a bakery. At Kidzania children can also improve their culinary skills by taking cooking classes and learning to cook innovative and new dishes.
  • Firefighter: The children will dress up as firemen, receive fire safety training, then board a truck and drive to a burning hotel.
  • Flower shop: While working at a flower shop in Kidzania, Bangkok, kids learn how to arrange beautiful bouquets, pots, and color flower vases. As well as learning how to sell flowers, they will also gain experience dealing with different kinds of customers as they work here.
  • Bank: As part of their job responsibilities at Kidzania Bangkok, children will track money transactions, issue loans, and make appointments with customers.
Activities for Toddlers
Activities for Toddlers
  • Disco Lounge: Relax in the disco lounge while you sip hot chocolate or coffee and eat delicious food, and let your little ones dance endlessly in the disco lounge on hit tunes as well.
  • Police Station: As a police officer at Kidzania, Bangkok, kids investigate crimes, respond to emergency calls, and solve crimes. In the police station, they take charge and prepare to catch criminals.
  • Construction Site: As part of the site engineer's construction plans, children participate in various construction projects. You will be able to watch your toddler become an engineer and build a brick wall with the construction workers.
  • Painting School: Kidzania Bangkok offers children the opportunity to discover different art styles, colors, and creativity through mural painting, studio painting, and the creation of handcrafted items.
  • Dental Care: As a dentist at Kidzania Bangkok, toddlers learn how to keep their patients' teeth in a good condition. Children can develop their skills as dentists and learn the importance of healthy, attractive teeth. In this lesson, they will learn how to floss, brush in a good way, and what each type of tooth does.
Activities for Adults
Activities for Adults

Parents/Adults can participate in some activities as audience members. Several examples include: - Theater performances such as magic shows, drama productions, fashion shows, etc., Courthouses, where adults may listen in on the hearings taking place; The TV Studio as an audience.

In addition to following the children and waiting outside each activity, parents may also go to the parents' lounge while they play and work. A child who is 8 years old or older can spend the day by themselves in Kidzania, except for the check-in and check-out procedures, while the parents can shop in the in-house stores.

Why Visit KidZania Bangkok?

KidZania Visit
  • One must visit Kidzania Bangkok to give their kids access to real-life educational activities. This educational destination combines learning, play, and work in a novel and exciting way for school age children.
  • Kids have the opportunity to explore and experience a life-like city in a fun and safe manner with KidZania Bangkok, which boasts its own theatre, airport, hospital, bank, street, and shops.
  • It is a perfect place for kids aged four to fourteen to gain mental and physical knowledge they would not otherwise encounter outside in the world.
  • Through these activities children learn essential life skills like independence, creativity, respect, teamwork, social integration, self-esteem and value of money.
  • Children get the chance to wear official uniforms and use realistic props associated with each career they choose!
  • Kids learn budgeting and spending skills between earning their salaries at various jobs inside the park as they earn kidzos (Kidzania’s own currency) at the various attractions.

Know Before You Book KidZania Bangkok Tickets

Essential Information
Rules and Regulations
How To Reach
Theatre In KidZania

Location: 991 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Timings: Monday to Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM

Best Time To Visit: For the best prices on tickets and packages, the best time to visit this place is between the months of September and December, since there are fewer crowds and lower prices during this timeframe. However, you can visit KidZania Bangkok at any time, as it is open all year round.

Tips To Visit KidZania Bangkok

  • Parking is available at Kidzania Bangkok for an hourly rate.
  • The park has photographers on site thus you can hire them to take photographs of your children and receive original copies of the photographs after the session.
  • Within the Kidzania Bangkok complex, there are several food stalls and counters where you can enjoy delicious food and beverages.
  • Should an emergency arise, you can visit the First Aid room situated near McDonald's and speak with the nurse.
  • The Kidzania experience is best enjoyed for at least five to six hours, since there are many role-playing activities available.
  • Make use of the late admission special, which gives you 50% off the admission cost.
  • As you will be doing a lot of walking, you should get a locker for your bulky items and your coat.

KidZania Bangkok FAQs

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